GET has good customer service and stable quality with satisfying lead time.
- Buyer of a leading electronic firm in Germany
Great company !
- Purchasing director of an American LED company
GET's quality is good.
- Leading industrial system integrator company in UAE
We are very satisfied with GET's products and service and had always enjoyed our cooperation.
- Integral Ltd, a leading electronic company in Ukraine
Professional work, warm attitude, quality products.
- Purchaser at a CCTV products company in China
Reliable partner. Offers good quality products and good technical support.
- A top EMS company in Russia
Competitive PCB maker in Asia.
- Buyer at a Hong Kong Electronic firm
Good quality and service.
- CEO of a Malaysian electronic firm
Very good quality.
- Purchasing Manager at a South Korean company
Excellent Quality, Excellent Service. Very Professional Company.
- Bill Smith, Managing Director of GPSI in Canada
We have a long lasting partnership with GET, built on trust, quality, and clear agreements. We look forward to expanding our business with GET.
- Purchasing Manager at a top EMS company in Europe
It's 10th anniversary of our partnership ! So I think no other comment is necessary.
- Thomas Haslbeck of Deutronics in Germany
We are lucky to have such reliable and responsible suppliers as Global Expert Technologies.
- Svetlana Majorova of Vega in Russia
We are satisfied with the service, lead time and the overall quantity. GET's reaction is very quick.
- MD of a leading German Company
We have so many years of pleasure working with GET !!
- Jacob Jalfon of Codiplug, Venezuela
GET's quality is hard to match !
- Leading EMS company in Ireland
Good quality.
- A top component distributor in Australia
Good in service level and can meet customer satisfaction.
- Buyer at a Top Fortune 500 American EMS company
I am so satisfied with GET as our supplier !
- Silvana Carrizo of Systel, Argentina
The level of quality, professionalism and overall trustworthiness that GET provides is top notch.
- A FAE at Macer, Sweden
Very good quality.
- Top industrial product company in Italy
Quality execution of work, efficiency in solving problems and does everything possible to meet the needs of the customer.
- Buyer at a top first-tier automotive supplier in Russia